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7 female shortcomings which men notice and are silent

It is simply awkward to him to speak about it.

Each person has merits and demerits. Women know only about some, and there are such which they do not even guess. And partners, men a row notice them and categorically are silent. Why? Because awkwardly, inconveniently, there is no wish to express the displeasure, unavailability to female offenses, a showdown.

Also the reason of male silence is the fact that men are categorically adjusted not to focus female attention on it, it seems to them that sooner or later the woman will feel, will guess and will draw the corresponding conclusions. In the same time the woman continues to live in ignorance, and sometimes break in relations for the woman is lightning and uncompromising, and the man is not even ready to explain this obvious to him before parting of a thing about which he was silent. So, the rating of female shortcomings which men notice and are silent.

1. Female untidiness

This female shortcoming is almost always imperceptible during a rose and candy stage. Problems arise in the male heads when the man gets to female space, the house, the room. Then this female shortcoming reveals at his place when it is inaccurate with things, objects, garbage, eventually. Men are silent to the last. And then just make the diagnosis “sloven”, consider that it is unrecoverable, and drop out of sight.

2. Female bad taste

Love to spangles, to bright and not always to appropriate color schemes, the shouting make-up is that the man is not ready to discuss with you too. Yes, tastes differ. And the style of each woman depends on her own idea of feeling of. Only look at a situation differently: if you bright, live, and choose to yourself the man in a strict suit of quiet tones, that is there is a probability that you will just not suit one another for a long-term relationship. And your individualism can destroy your developed relationship.

3. Female rudeness and roughness

Mat, shout, hysteria, sharpness of statements, irony, subs takes, rigid humor, conversation with a cigarette in a mouth, loud and uncontrollable laughter. If you would not like it from the partner, then, most likely, is not absolutely ethic “to please the partner” with similar behavior. The favorite female phrase “let he accepts me such what I am” – agrees, only under one condition, as you will begin to accept completely him same eccentric and extraordinary. In practice of the woman just do not notice for themselves such rigid behavior. And all copy on a highlight which turns into banal rudeness and men’s claims over time.

4. Female smell

It is a delicate female shortcoming about which men are silent as guerrillas. Some women do not notice it for themselves, and upon it turns out that it avoids meetings, jumps aside from any forms of physical rapprochement and in general behaves as though it is strange. Probably, he is confused by these delicate a problem about which he will hardly tell you. Of course, this shortcoming can be caused also by some physiological reasons: hormonal reorganizations, gastrointestinal diseases, the increased uneasiness, anyway you should be more attentive to the body, the aroma of the woman is an important component in relationship with men. 

5. Female indifference

Indifference to sex, to its difficulties, to his personal experiences, probably, even indifference to children, in general women’s discharge and not inclusiveness – what sets thinking and be recorded men on your coldness and an excessive distance. The man does not need the nurse or mother, but it is important to receive care and participation from the woman at least sometimes. Otherwise for what in general to the man partnership with an opposite sex?

6. Female commercialism

Talk about money, hints on money, financial expectations: cars, holidays, purchases, the solution of housing problems – any financial subjects are not complexity until you do not begin to manipulate and lay down conditions. Initially in a relationship, on start, you approximately understand with what man you deal. And if yours “a motivational financial talk” amplifies every day and tension in a relationship increases, men note it as one of the most terrible shortcomings and, without discussing anything, finish a relationship.

7. Female sacrifice

Eternal sufferers, complainants and just the victims – from them the man feel irritation and a negative. The man at first feels sorry for you and participates in something. Then you, without realizing, you start over again and again the everlasting sufferings to cause his emotional excessive involvement. And the conflict is inevitable. As the man cannot constantly feel sorry for you and only and to do everything to solve your problems. And the main thing, you remember, the female victim does not attract sexual interest.

And if you found some of female shortcomings in yourself, understanding of a problem is a first step on the way to its decision.