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About Me

I was born in Portugal, a rich, exotic mediterannean country characterised by passion, complexity and lanquid richness..

In school we were continually impressed with the culture of an ancient people, a colonial power that spanned and expanded the known world as it traded in spice and slaves.

But that wasn’t my world. At least, I grew up with it, but not feeling that I was a part of it. I’m a people person, and I didn’t mind the attentions of the boys, didn’t believe the nuns who told us that our natural selves were sinful and should be denied at all costs.

I discovered that by approaching sexual pleasure resolved of guilt and fear and with need distilled to shared, creative adventure, the paradox of the Madonna/Whore was broken and with that the power of ecstatic joy could triumph.

So I became a priestess of the erotic arts. Once these ideas were encountered, it was impossible for the spirit not to flourish, for the soul to heal, and body and mind to soar with new inspirations and ideals.

This website is about my journey, and the things I have discovered along the way.

In love and joy,